I am the very first, proud owner of a Series I, negative earth, WORKING clock courtesy of Mike Eck.  For what I consider a very reasonable fee, I can now remove the digital watch from the console and smugly reply with the correct time when other Jag owners ask.   Wayne Rasmussen, Blairstown, NJ

Thanks to Mike Eck, I now have working clocks in both my E-types!  I fitted them both this afternoon and they are working beautifully.  Mike fitted his microcircuit and cleaned the mechanism on my '61 clock -- I just connected it back in and voila it works!   Ray Sharp, Upper Montclair, NJ

Is it possible for a man to be so thoroughly pleased with such a simple thing as getting in his Jaguar, looking at the clock and seeing the right time, day after day and week after week???  If so, that man must be me!!!!!!!!!  After almost 20 years it finally works right!   Frank Filangeri, Ronkonkoma, NY

Yesterday I received and installed my newly repaired clock from Mike Eck, and boy am I pleased!  I keep running out to my garage trying to catch it going slow, but after 18 hours, its spot on.  This has to be the best bargain of my restoration project!  Thanks Mike!   Mike Moore, Morgan Hill, Ca.

It sits out there in that garage, week after week; sometimes it's 20 degrees out there.  But that Eck clock doesn't care.  It just ticks and ticks and ticks.  In all the years the British put clocks in their cars they couldn't make them run reliably.  But a guy in New Jersey figured it out, and figured it out right.   As of right now Mike Eck is my new Hero. Tom Carson, Juneau, Alaska

I listened to it tick, probably for a full minute or so.  That is the first time, ever, that I have heard any XK clock ticking, much less mine.  It is keeping perfect time!  I Love It!!  I'm one happy camper!!  Thanks ever so much.  It is truly a work of art, now on display.  Charles Bishop, Burleston, Texas

I installed it yesterday.  What a rush, the sound of a ticking clock!  I went out at midnight and just sat in the driver's seat, watching and listening.  It's the little things.... Ronald Wacek, Pleasanton, Ca

Terrific guy to deal with and he does wonderful work.  Highly recommended by me personally.    Gregory Wells, Coventry West, Inc.  www.coventrywest.com

I've been surprised at the primal comfort that I get from the sound of that clock ticking in a fine classic car.  Dollar-for-dollar I've gotten more enjoyment from this than anything else I've done to the car since I got it.  Anyone who hasn't sent his clock to Mike for this conversion is missing out on a great part of the total experience.   Charles Cathcart, Tuxedo Park, NY