Shipping/Ordering Info

We will clean, oil, upgrade and calibrate your early Jaguar Smiths clock for $75 postpaid in the US.

We will upgrade your E-Type S2 Smiths clock with a crystal-controlled mechanism for $100 postpaid in the US.

Other 2 1/2" Smiths clocks that are used in other marques can also be upgraded for $100.

We will repair most Kienzle clocks for $100 postpaid in the US.

If you want your clock upgraded, package it securely and send it, with your name and address, email, and a check, cash or money order, to...

Mike Eck
418 Whig Lane
Glassboro NJ 08028

SEND JUST THE CLOCK! I don't need the tachometer or the time set cable or any other car parts!
To be sure your clock is accurately calibrated we like to keep it for two weeks. We no longer accept foreign orders because we have experienced too frequent loss of packages when we ship overseas.  This is for your clock's safety. For more information contact: